About Us

The  13 members of the Florida Association of Children’s Hospitals (FACH) provide the most specialized level of care to children, research cures for diseases that affect children, and train Florida’s pediatricians, pediatric specialists, and pediatric nurses. Since 1999, they have been the voice for children’s health care issues in Florida through advocacy, education, research, and patient care initiatives. By sharing and disseminating knowledge, information, experiences, and research, the FACH encourages the development of the most effective means of delivering comprehensive health care to the children of Florida.

FACH Executive Committee


Cary D’Ortona, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children


Sanjeev Tuli, MD, University of Florida Health/Pediatrics


Caitlin Stella, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital and Pediatric Services

Member at Large:

Jimmy Baumgartner, St. Joseph’s Women’s and Children’s

FACH Medical Director:

William B. Blanchard, M.D., Pensacola

Past President:

Daniel Armstrong, Ph.D., Miami


Executive Director:

Dana Ferrell Birchfield

Media Contact:

Kate Stowell