Legislative Advocacy 

The Florida Association of Children’s Hospitals (FACH) member hospitals are the voice for children’s health care in Florida. Members share a common vision and embrace short- and long-term strategies leading to exemplary health care for Florida’s children. We believe that promoting children’s health is essential for improving the population’s health, and that policies to prevent and/or treat children’s health problems can be wise investments.

Our members partner with policymakers in Florida to develop and implement such policies and programs that improve child health outcomes, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. We continue to closely coordinate with the Safety Net Hospital Alliance of Florida, Florida Hospital Association, the Pediatric Society, the Florida Medical Association and others as appropriate.

The 2024 Florida Legislative Session is Jan. 9 to March 8.

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FACH 2024 Advocacy Priorities

Priority Advocacy: Pediatric Health Care Workforce

The Florida Association of Children’s Hospitals (FACH) will continue working with partners (FCAAP, SNHA and FHA) to advance solutions to pediatric
workforce shortages in Florida, with an emphasis on: Pediatric Genetics, Pediatric Neurology, Pediatric Rehabilitation, Pediatric Mental Health Providers, Child Protection Teams, and Overall Pediatric Physician Extenders.

Improve Health Care for Medically Complex Children Through the ACE Kids Act

FACH requests that the Legislature renew proviso language in the 2024 budget to affirm Florida’s support for the critical population served by the ACE Kids Act. Additionally, FACH asks the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) to seek federal waiver approval and/or a state plan amendment as needed to participate in the ACE Kids Act to provide for medical assistance to children with medically complex conditions who choose to enroll in a health home through a designated provider or with a team of health care professionals as the child’s health home for the purposes of providing health home services. 

Primary Advocacy: Improve Pediatric Rehabilitation Services and Access Throughout the State

FACH requests that the Legislature conduct a statewide study to develop a comprehensive coordinated plan for pediatric rehabilitative services. This should contemplate the necessary components to ensure all children have access to the care they require to attain optimal outcomes from injuries, medical conditions, genetic disorders, birth traumas, and other conditions requiring rehabilitative care.

Medicaid Reimbursement Equity for all Children and for all Children’s Hospitals

The Florida Association of Children’s Hospitals (FACH) will continue to advocate for equity in Medicaid reimbursement for services provided to all children and to all of Florida’s children’s hospitals through increases to certain levels of policy adjusters for Medicaid reimbursement and to ensure that DRG reimbursements reflect the cost of children’s health care services. 

Partner Advocacy: Pediatric Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Health Crisis

The Florida Association of Children’s Hospitals (FACH) recommends that the Florida Commission on Mental and Behavioral Health prioritize mental/behavioral health for children in Florida by developing basis for sound policymaking, systemic improvements and appropriations in the future.

Funding for Florida's Maternity and Neonatal Care

FACH supports the Governor’s proposed investment of $116.8 million for Florida’s maternity and neonatal care, ensuring every mother and baby will continue to have access to the best possible care.